Commitment to Safety:


Through cooperation and understanding, Atcost Drilling Inc.'s goal is to achieve an accident free workplace. We value the health and safety of all people as the primary driver in our day to day activities. The long-term success of Atcost Drilling Inc. depends on our ability to proactively manage the health, safety and environmental (HSE) aspects of our business while setting objectives and target for improvement.  Everyone associated with Atcost's operations is not only empowered, but obligated to stop a job that places the health and safety of people at risk.


The management team will provide, to the maximum extent possible, all the mechanical, physical and training tools to promote and ensure the safety of everyone who works with us.  We have established a health, safety and environmental policy in conjunction with, and conforming to, the best practices of the drilling and construction industries. When it comes to safety, our mantra is clear:


Safety is everyone's responsibility! We expect everyone to work together as a team to maintain and improve our safe working environment.


Our safety strategy includes:

  • A comprehensive Heath & Safety Policy and Drilling Safety Manual
  • Up-to-date equipment, properly maintained
  • Safe work instructions that are clear, documented and understood
  • Qualified Ontario Well Technicians
  • Third party training for all employees (First Aid, WHMIS, Electrical Grounding & Bonding, Propane Handling, Forklift)
  • Competent, professional and trained personnel at all levels
  • Training that comprehensively covers drilling and technical competencies and safety systems
  • Supervision which is consistent, supportive and disciplined
  • Accident / Incident reporting system
  • Regular, unscheduled field inspections of drills and personnel
  • Pre-start health & safety tailgate meetings and underground utility locate signoff
  • First-aid kit, environmental spill kit and fire extinguisher on every drill rig
  • Established and enforced code of professional conduct
  • Good communication within the organization and with the client


To learn more about workplace safety, visit:



Construction Safety Association of Ontario


18 Gormley Industrial Ave., P.O. Box 279, Gormley, Ontario L0H 1G0   |   (T) 905 888-9999